"To provide supportive services to formerly incarcerated men and women in order to help them reintegrate into their communities thereby achieving social and economic well being and breaking the cycle of recidivism."

Exodus Board of Directors

Board Members

David Hobert, chair

Marion Farrell, Secretory
Ossining Prison Ministry

Robert Hall, Treasurer

Wayne Atwell
Casimir Capital L.P.                                                            

Shannon Bell

Bard Bunaes                                                                          

Cynthia Fincher

Estelle Williams

Tyresse Horne, Esq.

Carl Mazza, DSW, ACSW
CUNY Lehman College

Elizabeth Morse
Fuse Networks/MSG                                                         

Felipe Vargas
The Doe Fund




2271 Third Ave. New York, NY 10035 Tel: 917-492-0990 email: info@etcny.org