"To provide supportive services to formerly incarcerated men and women in order to help them reintegrate into their communities thereby achieving social and economic well being and breaking the cycle of recidivism."

Success Stories

Jen Kwong's

Jen Kwong Ng served twenty years in prison for conspiracy and gang affiliation. Upon his release, he enrolled in several programs and tried his best to obtain employment but ultimately, he wasn’t successful in finding a job. Despite facing constant rejection, he continued his job search until he was referred to Exodus by an acquaintance. To demonstrate his dedication in changing his life, he arrived two hours before the office opened and waited patiently. From his first day, Mr. Ng actively participated in Exodus’ classes and began a rigorous job search with the guidance of the employment specialists. It didn’t take long before the staff witnessed his determination and his willingness to invest in his own future. After a few months of participation, Mr. Ng was offered an internship position in the maintenance department.

He utilized this opportunity to incorporate all of the skills that he learned through the employment workshops and quickly rose into becoming a permanent member of the Exodus team. Of Exodus, Mr. Ng says, “it has helped me stray away from my prison mentality. I now take life more seriously and maintain a positive attitude. It has made me a more productive member of society.” Exodus has also inspired him to get involved in community service and has helped him develop a greater interest in the re-entry field. Mr. Ng is presently enrolled in computer classes at Bronx Community College and hopes to teach at Exodus in the near future.

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