"To provide supportive services to formerly incarcerated men and women in order to help them reintegrate into their communities thereby achieving social and economic well being and breaking the cycle of recidivism."


Exodus Transitional Community, Inc. has been politically active in creating awareness for people who have or have had involvement in the criminal justice system. Our leadership role and advocacy work has connected us with other advocacy groups to help create change inside and outside of the prisons. We support our legislatures and hope that you will help support them by becoming an advocate for:

Legislation: Merit Time Bill (S.338/A.154) Sponsored by Senator Montgomery and Assemblyman Aubry

This bill will allow two (2) months of Merit Times taken from every year of the person's sentence. However, it applies to most, but not all people in the New York State prisons. To learn more about this bill, please contact either legislative office and ask for a copy of the bill number stated above.

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