"To provide supportive services to formerly incarcerated men and women in order to help them reintegrate into their communities thereby achieving social and economic well being and breaking the cycle of recidivism."

Substance Abuse & Anger Management Services

The Alternatives to Domestic Violence Group

The ADV Group is designed to specifically help people manage their anger, as well as recognize and change violent tendencies within themselves. Individuals enrolled in the group focus on discussing issues of violence in their past, within their homes and workplace, and most important, the violent attitudes that permeate their being.

The Addictive Personality Group

The AP Group works to primarily educate participants with recognized drug and alcohol problems. It focuses on risk reduction techniques, while also encouraging participants to understand the motivation that underlies their addictive behavior. The members of the group work, both as a whole and individually, on identifying factors that might trigger relapses, such as financial problems, destructive relationships, or the temptations from their familial surroundings.

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