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Diana Ortiz

Vice President of the Wellness Center & Contracts

Diana is the Vice President of the Wellness Center & Contracts responsible for contractual compliance and overseeing the OASAS licensed outpatient substance abuse clinic.  Diana spent 22½ years in prison and worked as an advocate to mothers; helping them stay connected to their children. Diana was active in changing Executive Law 259j; allowing people with life on their sentence the right to apply for discharge from parole.  She knows that there needs to be a face and a presence to help create positive change for men and women inside and outside of prison; describing her work as satisfying to create awareness and possibilities for change. Her story has been featured in the New York Times in June 2010 and part of a short documentary on a website organization called Media Storm.  In 2011, she was recognized by El Diario as one of the Mujeres Destacadas (Distinguished Women).  In 2016 was featured in Career and Lifestyles Magazine.