A Unique Approach to Re-entry


Exodus Transitional Community, Inc. is a faith-based prisoner re-entry organization that provides supportive services to formerly incarcerated and otherwise justice-involved men, women, and young adults using a whole-person approach inspired by the Old Testament's Book of Exodus.

Many incarcerated individuals believe that once they leave the physical bondage of incarceration, their problems are over. In reality, like the ancient Hebrews in the book of Exodus, they will more likely be wandering in their own personal wilderness – struggling with financial, family, and social issues – before they reach the “Promised Land” of full re-integration into society.

The Exodus Model is designed to guide individuals through that personal wilderness, facilitating successful re-entry and breaking the cycle of recidivism.

Walking Through the Wilderness Workshop

Our signature re-entry program starts with a two-week workshop focusing on the two most significant needs of those going through the process of transitioning from prison to society: cognitive behavioral change, and job readiness. Soft skills trainings focus on topics like résumé writing, interviewing, online job searching, and disclosing your criminal background to an employer. Meanwhile we address problem thinking patterns and behaviors by engaging with their underlying beliefs, using a tool called the Exodus Contract.

Exodus Contract


To combat the hopelessness and despair of the early post-release period, the Exodus service model is focused on guiding participants toward concrete accomplishments to demonstrate that they can take control of their future. The strategy we use to achieve this objective is our service plan – The Exodus Contract. The Contract leads participants to set goals and develop plans to achieve those goals in Employment, Education, Family and Relationships, Spirituality, Health and Physical Fitness, and Community Involvement. We believe in helping participants build confidence by breaking long-term goals and visions into a series of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely short-term actions, allowing them see progress early in the process.

Contract Coaching

Following the workshops, participants are matched with an Exodus Contract Coach who works closely with them on an ongoing basis. A Contract Coach’s main job is to help participants break their big goals into manageable steps and then monitor their progress so as to ensure success. The majority of our Contract Coaches are formerly incarcerated themselves, allowing them to serve as role models in the challenging but rewarding process of transition from incarceration to society.