Photo credit to Timothy Krause 

ARCHES is a Transformative Mentoring program serving 16- to 24-year-olds on probation. As part of Mayor Bloomberg’s Young Men’s Initiative, ARCHES represents a bridge between community organizations and the Department of Probation (DOP). A strong relationship between Exodus and the DOP made our Harlem location a natural choice to host such a special and innovative program.

 ARCHES focuses on the empowerment of young people through intensive mentoring with culturally competent adult role models, an Interactive Journaling curriculum based on cognitive behavioral principles, and a group setting in which youth help themselves by helping their peers. Developmental milestones in education, work, community involvement, and interpersonal relationships are reached through transforming negative attitudes and behaviors into more positive coping mechanisms and decision making strategies.

If you or a loved one are currently on probation and between the ages of 16 and 24 and interested in signing up for ARCHES, speak to your probation officer and mention Exodus Transitional Community.


Common-Unity is a program designed specifically to meet 16- to 25- year olds in justice-involved or otherwise high-risk situations wherever they are in the process of pro-social engagement. The program focuses on the changes in cognitive thinking that must precede the achievement of tangible progress in areas such as education and employment. Common-Unity participants attend a year of interactive workshops that help them develop the desire to further their education, obtain and maintain employment in their field of interest, and build leadership skills they can take back to their communities. The classes and groups will provide a sense of safety and structure, belonging and membership, self-worth and social contribution; independence and control over one’s life; and improved interpersonal relationships. Young people learn that while they may have made bad choices in the past, they are still capable of learning new skills that they can use to better themselves, their families, and their communities.

Activities in the Common-Unity program include but are not limited to:

·         A young adult focused version of our signature re-entry program, the Wilderness Workshop

·         Case management with a specially trained staff member

·         Job development and placement, including stipend internships at Exodus where appropriate

·         Placement into education and training programs, including two and four year colleges

·         Youth focused programming such as mentoring, support groups, activities and outings

·         Referrals to our large network of service partners for any needed specialized services such as housing or mental health counseling

If participation in Common-Unity sounds right for you, your client, or a young adult in your life, please contact Ramon Caba at (917) 492-0990 x 107 or by email at