diana ortiz, vp wellness & Contracts

Diana Ortiz is the Vice President for the Wellness Center & Contracts at Exodus.  She is responsible for contract compliance, and monitoring, and for the OASAS licensed outpatient substance abuse clinic which operates out of Exodus’ East Harlem Office.  Diana also conducts orientation for all new staff to help acclimate staff to the unique Exodus Model, and the culture that radiates acceptance, hope, faith, and transformation to all who walk through our doors.

Diana spent 22½ years in prison and while incarcerated worked as an advocate to mothers; helping them stay connected to their children. Diana was active in changing Executive Law 259j; allowing people with life on their sentence the right to apply for discharge from parole.  Diana knows that there needs to be a face and a presence to help create positive change for men and women inside and outside of prison. She describes her work as the most satisfying because she helps create awareness and possibilities for change. 

In prison, she earned a Master’s Degree in English Literature. Diana’s story about her transition was featured in the New York Times in June 2010 and part of a short documentary on a website organization called Media Storm.  In 2011, she was recognized by El Diario as one of the Mujeres Destacadas (Distinguished Women). In 2016, Diana was featured in Career and Lifestyles Magazine for her work at Exodus Transitional Community, Inc. She was on the board of Housing Plus Solutions and Our Journey.