Our Programs

In our 20+ years of work and advocacy, we have proudly supported more than 10,000 people affected by the criminal justice system, advocating for their rights, collaborating with them on skill-building, and placing these resilient, hard-working, talented individuals in jobs all over New York State.


Building a life we want
Starting fresh after leaving prison is a challenge, akin to walking through the wilderness. In our program, participants tap into their resilience, learn how to stretch and be creative, build faith in themselves, and deepen their spiritual practice.


Exodus' Re-Entry Wilderness Program seeks to address the barriers justice-involved people experience when seeking employment.

The program provides jobseekers with a two week-long, soft-skills job-readiness training, where participants learn how to create a resume and cover-letter, participate in mock interview sessions, engage in group discussions about the challenges of reentry, acceptance, guilt, and external influences, and learn coping mechanisms to manage stress.

Participants begin working on the Exodus Contract on Day 1 of the workshop, which helps them achieve goals in 6 life areas. Job Developers and Contract Coaches work with participants to help them achieve their goals, making appropriate referrals to our partner organizations as needed.

Participants receive hot meals, interview clothing, transportation incentives, and after they’re employed, job retention services.


Wellness & Recovery
Wellness needs are often exacerbated by incarceration. Our Wellness Center uses a compassionate, participant-focused approach providing substance use and behavioral health treatment and recovery support

The Wellness Center uses a compassionate, client-focused approach in providing substance use and alcohol treatment for clients 18 years and older. By developing individualized treatment plans for our clients, we are able to address their specific addiction history or use, and help focus on their clinical needs. Our clinic is built upon evidence-based best practices and 12-Step recovery principles that empower our clients.

The Wellness Center is licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS).

We actively collaborate with the community and government agencies to provide the best care for our clients. Our staff of highly trained professionals includes our VP of Wellness, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker-R, Credentialed Counselors, a Registered Nurse, a Nurse Practitioner and an Addiction Medical Director who understand the needs of people dealing with addiction issues.

Through compassionate and empathetic connections, our staff help individuals restore their dignity and achieve individual goals. Learn More →


Youth Empowerment
Growing up is full of excitement, challenges, and pitfalls. Exodus works with youth participants to provide empowerment workshops, mentorship and financial aid for at-risk youth and young people affected by the criminal justice system.

Our Youth Empowerment Programs serve about 225 young people annually. Our programs focus on helping each participant obtain a GED or High School Diploma, complete post-secondary Education or Training, and successfully enter the workforce.

We also collaborate to help them remain on track by either preventing them from becoming justice/gang involved, or providing re-entry services for those youth who have been incarcerated and need a second chance.

Our programs are based on the Arches Model, a curriculum-based group mentoring intervention model, developed by the NYC Department of Probation in response to the Young Men’s Initiative (YMI).

This model delivers group mentoring intervention through credible messenger mentors in order to help participants transform the attitudes and behaviors that have led to criminal activity.

Each youth program has unique aims but a common purpose. They include Arches, a program of the same name as our model, aimed at youth affected by the school-to-prison pipeline and the criminal justice system; Common Unity, a trauma-informed program, helping youth heal and confront new challenges with behavioral tools and holistic support, and finally, Next Steps, a program designed to accept and address both the blessings and adversities present in the local communities we serve while empowering youth to succeed.