With a firm belief in human resilience, we deliver innovative programming tailored to adults and youth affected by the justice system, and advocate for a society in which all can achieve social, economic, and spiritual well-being.

We're trying to tell the world, "We committed a crime at a young age, but let's not be defined by the worst moment in our lives."

Why does our work matter?

From the moment someone walks through our doors, they are embraced as equals. It's is as simple as that. This isn't a place of pity; it's a haven where folks are empowered to reclaim ownership over their lives.

What sets Exodus apart?

Nearly every single person on our team has been through the justice system. And our participants instantly sense that this is a place of understanding and acceptance. We've made this organization our home, and anyone who comes to us for support is family.

Julio Medina: Founder, Executive Director, & CEO

Julio Medina: Founder, Executive Director, & CEO

I know formerly incarcerated people do believe in their own potential; the challenge lies in getting others to give them a chance to demonstrate that potential.