Our Story


In 2019, we celebrate our 20th anniversary. In these last 20 years, we have proudly served over 20,000 people, advocating for their rights, helping them to build the skills necessary to join the workforce in career focused jobs, and advocating for their rights, building skills with them and placing these resilient, hard-working, talented individuals in jobs all over New York.


A Letter from Julio Medina


While I was in prison, I envisioned a place where a person is not identified as a number, or the worst moment of their lives. Where their humanity is not crushed and stripped of its identity. Where they can find employment and not be automatically disqualified due to the background check. Where discriminatory housing practices cease and the person who was justice involved does not have to carry this scarlet F (felony) letter for the rest of their lives.

Exodus realized that the talent these women and men possess who spent years in prison will not be welcomed by the community. So at Exodus we showcase that talent by informing you all today, that Exodus was built by the same people who were once discarded and overlooked. The passion and faith of the staff, who are 90% justice involved and give all of themselves, every day to make certain we inform the world that “We are more than just the worst moment of our lives.” And, that each of us are truly sorry for the harm we once brought to our beloved communities.

The first words you will hear when you walk through the doors of Exodus are: “Did you eat today? Where did you stay last night?” We do not try to figure out what contract you would fit under, or whether you have medical insurance. At Exodus we personally understand the difficulties and traumas of reentering the community.

We know, because we’ve been there! We understand you may be hungry, or had to sleep on the trains or a shelter, or as some have described, living in worse conditions than when you were in prison. We believe in you and your individual and collective power to succeed.

So, as Exodus rapidly approaches is 20th year of providing cutting edge reentry services to its community, I cannot help but to reflect on the journey that bought us this far. From the naysayers, who didn’t think someone with a felony could possibly create a Faith-Based Reentry program that speaks to the direct needs of its population, to the many supporters and friends, who believed in the Exodus vision — to provide a platform for the powerful voices that have been marginalized for far too long. Those voices that have been discounted due to having a felony conviction.

In these 20 years we have serviced more than 25,000 people both inside of prison and upon their re-entry. We have a staff of close to 50 strong, who are passionate, intelligent and 90% formerly justice involved. As “Wounded Healers” we realize it’s through our own wounds that we’re able to heal others.A friend once told me “who better than those once closest to the problem, are now closest to the solutions!”

Join us in the work, we couldn’t be more committed to helping our community thrive.


Julio Medina

Founder, CEO

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Our Approach


Holistic. All Exodus programs are borne of the Exodus Contract, a service plan that guides participants through six life areas of healing: family & relationships, employment, education, health & fitness, community involvement, and spirituality.

Personal. We live in the communities we serve, and our services hinge on the connections we form with each person who passes through our doors. Each person is an individual, with specific resources, needs and dreams, and we take a personalized approach to helping each individual meet their goals and realize their full potential.

Collaborative. Justice involvement is a public health issue that impacts individuals, relationships, communities and society at large. Leveraging our intimate knowledge of the justice system, we partner with local organizations, agencies and policymakers to build a supportive network for justice-involved men and women, and change the larger systems that perpetuate the cycle of justice involvement. We are also committed to building a strong relationship with our volunteers, donors and the general public.